About Us

We love art. Art from hundreds of years ago. Art from the 1800s, the 20s, the 50s ... all so uniquely different, but all evoking emotional response to the image created.

We believe fine art is not just for museums and walls. We have applied our favorite artworks to items you can use daily.  We ran out of wall space eons ago ... but everything can feature art!

We are constantly adding new artists, new artworks, new products types to our mix.

One of our goals is to help support contemporary artists; they receive a royalty fee for every item we sell featuring their art. Another of our goals is to fund art education at a time when many schools are very limited in what they can afford. A portion of our sales will go to this.

And another of our goals it to make it possible for more people to love art and be able to fill their lives with a variety of fantastic art pieces!

Think of ArtLoversBoutique.com as your online art museum gift store!